coldstorage freezer doors


coldstorage freezer doors

Insulated sliding doors for Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat

The meat-processing department of Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat (formerly Vlevico) built a new factory where fresh beef, veal and pork are cut, processed and packaged. Salads, processed meats and frozen meat are also prepared in the 20,000 m² factory in Halle.
When it comes to its construction plans, the Belgian discounter Colruyt always does a meticulous job. Employees as well as external engineers had a say in the building design. All the work processes have been crystallised in this design and were translated into an architectural plan.
In the new factory, the Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat wanted to use hermetically closing coldstorage freezer doors. Insulated sliding doors, which would be simple to use and require little maintenance. Colruyt also pays attention right down to the smallest details of the finish and functionality. All door and window hardware, suspension and sliding systems were tested and presented for approval to check whether they satisfied the strict food safety requirements.
Roma Products produced and installed 37 coldstorage freezer doors , including in stainless steel version and customised in accordance with the required specifications. The electrically controlled food care refrigerated and freezer doors have tailor-made stainless steel housings for control and emergency switches.

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