Storage and distribution


Storage and distribution

Challenges in the storage distribution sector

One of the challenges in the storage and distribution sectors is bringing temperature-sensitive products to the correct and constant temperature and maintaining that temperature. The freshness must be kept at the right level. From conditioning, repacking, labelling and transporting through to delivery. Retaining the cold chain is part of an optimum logistics process.

Designing a logistics temperature-controlled room is not easy. How do you prevent condensation and ice formation? What is a good routing technique? Take a look together with the Roma's insulated construction specialists at the possibilities and the pitfalls. They will give you the best advice, right from the design phase. That is how you can design and construct your ideal distribution centre, together with Roma.

Apart from cold stores and freezer rooms, Roma is the insulated construction specialist for your:

  • Refrigerated warehouse
  • High-bay freezer warehouse
  • Cold and freezer rooms
  • Sorting rooms
  • Shipping or forwarding room

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    Customised insulated construction

    Especially for wholesalers, supermarkets and refrigerated and frozen warehouses, Roma builds customised when it comes to temperature-controlled buildings. We think together with you in the design and construction of your ideal storage distribution building, refrigerated or frozen warehouse.

    Insulated construction concept

    With a view to your logistics process, sustainability and guarantee of quality, Roma developed insulated building concept. Our specialists help you to achieve the credits for your BREEAM certificate. Or to achieve the N-50 standard for airtightness. Roma also draws in BIM and builds using sustainable insulated panels for which a European Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is available.

    Because we also take research, innovation and support into consideration, we are an associated member of the Association of Dutch Refrigerated and Frozen Warehouses (NEKOVRI).

    Thermal building concept

    Like to know more?

    Are you curious about how you can maintain the quality of your products through the sustainable insulated building concepts from Roma? Now and in the future? Please contact us free of obligation. Together with you, we can jointly examine the possibilities.

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