Sustainable building cold storage freezer warehouse in accordance with BREEAM-NL


Sustainable building cold storage freezer warehouse in accordance with BREEAM-NL

How can Roma Isolatiesystemen contribute to obtaining a BREEAM-NL certification with insulation building concepts?

What is BREEAM-NL?

The principals of more and more construction projects want to achieve BREEAM-NL certification. BREEAM-NL provides insight into how sustainable the project is. Independent assessors evaluate whether sufficient sustainable performances (credits) have been achieved for awarding the certificate. The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) awards projects for designs as well as for the completion of a new building or renovation project.

The benefits of BREEAM-NL:

  • Added value for properties
  • Tax benefits
  • Internationally recognised quality mark for sustainability
  • Contribution to a better environment
  • Contribution to an improved corporate image

  • Broad range for sustainability

    The assessment method of BREEAM-NL is specified in the BREEAM-NL guidelines. Every credit scores a number of points. A total of more than 100 credits can be obtained, divided into nine main categories, each with its own weighting factor. A BREEAM assessor evaluates whether sufficient points have been scored in the project. The number of stars on the certificate shows the qualification: one star stands for ‘pass’, while five stars indicate ‘outstanding’.

    With its products and services, Roma isolatiesystemen contributes to BREEAM-NL certification in the following categories:

  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Waste

  • Extra points can also be scored for certain categories on the basis of ‘Exemplary Performance’. The degree of energy efficiency for usable area with an industrial function can be set out clearly using the technical checklist for cold stores and freezer warehouses BREEAM-NL ENE 1.

    Innovation points

    Extra points can also be scored for innovation. One example is meeting the ‘Exemplary Performance’ requirements for a specific category. Another is the use of technologies independently of and supplementary to the prescribed BREEAM performances. This improves sustainability even more. Moreover, it stimulates others to increase the application in the market.

    BREEAM-NL projects

  • New premises for processed meats factory Berkhout/Langeveld/WDP Wijchen
  • New premises for slaughterhouse Hutten en Zonen in Heeten
  • New Distribution Centre building for Lidl in Heerenveen and Waddinxveen
  • New coldstore and deepfreeze warehouse Kloosterboer Cool Port in Rotterdam

  • Are you planning to build or renovate with a BREEAM label in mind?
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